Urban Adventure – Finding Nature In The City

160-mearsUrban adventurer.  That is what someone called me today as I was walking on the rocks and in the stream in Mears Park today.

You see, I needed nature and I needed it bad!  Mears Park is a man-made park that fills a block in the city in Lower Town Saint Paul.  It’s pretty much the only nature in all down town Saint Paul.  It’s a small space but it is lovely.  There are flowers and trees and my life’s blood, which is water.

Today’s been rough.  I’m going through hormonal changes (journey into menopause) and some days I can barely function.  I woke up this morning and I just didn’t want to do anything.  Right before my period (when I do get it these days) I often have extreme PMS.  Today is one of those days.  My body bloats up to inhuman proportions, all I want to do is eat salt and chocolate, and my mind dips its toes into crazy land.

As I was sinking deeper and deeper into negativity I decided I had better move my body.  I knew I needed nature and not wanting to drive I walked to the closest place to me which is Mears Park.  I began by sitting on some rocks by the little stream that runs through the park.  Then I put my feet in the water.  Then I decided I would walk on the rocks that lined the edge of the stream.  As I came upon a tree I would run my hand up and down its bark in communion.  Trees have always been my friend.  One of my spirit names is Dashana which means One With Trees.

A gentleman observing me on this tiny sojourn was the one who called me an urban adventurer.  I wish I could say I feel completely shifted after this walk. But I do feel better and that is a much nicer place to be than the muck I was dwelling in before.

Nature is a gift.  I am grateful for its healing properties.  Even the smallest spaces of nature can bring us love and healing if we let it.  Can you find your urban adventure in a city near you?

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Re-Membering The Goddess


Calling back lost pieces of Self

Pieces that childhood ripped away.

Pieces that society tore asunder.

Pieces that anything less than love trampled under despairs feet.

I call Self back into my being.

Contained in the bounty that is Me.

Crying out in ecstasy and joy like a lover.

I have come home.

I am.


A Conversation With Fear

20044 DThis article was originally posted to my now defunct yogagirl’s blog on March 24th. 

This is a post about making fear your friend.  If not your friend, at least acknowledging fears existence.  We live in a world inundated by fear.  We can not escape its presence on the planet.  My habit has been to ignore fear, battle fear or try to will it away.  None of those practices actually eliminates fear – quite the opposite.  It gives fear more power.

Today I used dance as a way to hold space for myself and my fears.  I have always been too afraid to do this. If I looked at my fears too closely I feared they would consume me and I would be lost. This was powerful for me as it gave me a tool to move it out of my body without the battle of wills I have engaged in the past.

I talked to my fear.  I let it know it was o.k. that it was there.  Something I would have never done before.  As I danced I felt my body shift out its rigid strangle hold that fear wraps me in.  My limbs became loose and buoyant.  I felt free.

Fear will undoubtedly come back but I know how to engage it now.  I know how to speak to it through dance.  Last weekend I went to a place called Dance Church here in Minneapolis.  The woman who held space for us dancers asked everyone to let the dance be the conversation.  I loved that imagery of speaking through my bodies relationship to the music.  It gave me permission to converse not so much with the other dancers but with me.  Who am I if I don’t talk to my own soul?

Read here about my 21 day dance journey to heal life long body image issues.

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Online Psychic Readings

Young woman with laptop and a cup of coffee on the floorHere is what one client said:  Thank you Della!! All of that made so much sense, one of my biggest dreams is to travel the country and be a photographer! I also want to help people (especially children) and I’m a very artistic person. Thanks so much for this, it feels good to finally get some support. I feel like I can really get going on living my life how I want to now! – Shelly-

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Gentle Spirit

painting by Della McGee

Gentle Spirit your soul calls your name.  Gentleness is your strength.  Sweetness, joy.  Love and Compassion are your hallmarks.  Peace is your breath.  Look deeply into your soul and call forth your deepest longings.  The truth is within you.  Look into your eyes and “see” your authentic being.  Remember this:  no one can tell you who you are.  You are the architect of your life.  Through love and compassion you will be guided.  Fear will block you if you give it power.  Remember, to find your way . . . breathe.


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