Claiming Your Inner Child For Health, Happiness & Wholeness

7a43b6786034306c6d3ce3272c610803Have you claimed your Inner Child yet?  I for one, have dabbled here and there and promptly forgotten her when all was said and done.  The thing about the inner child is she will NOT be ignored!  The more our inner children are forgotten about the more they tend to act out.  I have recently reconnected with my inner child and she was a confused, frightened and lonely little girl.  She not only felt abandoned and alone she felt angry about it too.

I believe my Inner Child is at the root of my addictions and tendencies towards co-dependency.  Since she does not have the skill set to soothe herself she turns to sugar, carbs, obsessive behaviors and distraction.  This creates an imbalance in my system and disharmony in my life.  On the one hand, my Wise Self knows what actions she needs to take to create peace in my world. But, if I am not taking into account the needs of my inner child, I end up battling between my Wise Self and my Child Self.  This creates a cycle low self-esteem and shame.

They key to wholeness is claiming our Inner Child.

All my life I have wanted a man to claim me.  Time and time again I have picked unavailable men to be in relationship with.  When these relationships failed I became lost and heartbroken.   This work has shown me that if I am unwilling to claim myself then no one else can either.

Where to begin?

It begins with acknowledgement.  Once my inner child is acknowledged and heard she stops acting out and I have the power to take right action in my life again.  Yet, it takes more than that initial recognition.  It takes constancy.  I’ve begun to learn what my inner child’s voice sounds like.  When my behavior feels childish I can stop myself and ask what she needs.  When I ask my self, “Where did that come from?”  It is often my inner child trying to get her needs met in a way my adult never would.   It is, most often, that she needs to be heard.

The final piece of the puzzle is integration.  This takes time.  Before your inner child can be integrated there needs to be a relationship built between the parent (your adult self) and the inner child.  You will know when you’ve become integrated when you begin to feel more grounded, whole and complete.

Let’s say hi to our inner child.

Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths.  Go within your heart space or your belly and ask for your child to show themself.  What do they look like?  What emotions are they expressing?  Your child may be scared or angry.  Your child may be happy or sad.  What ever the case let the adult you embrace the child you.  Take a few more deep breaths and hold each other.  Talk to your child and let them know you love them.  Let them know that you are there to take care of them.  It may take awhile for your child to trust you.  This is normal.  Now say good-bye for now and come back to this present moment.  How did that feel?  Now do this again the next day, and the next, and . . . until you feel your child and you as one.

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A New Path Emerges out of Transformation Addiction

Painting by Katelyn Mariah

I have recently given up my addiction to transformation.  This post is from my friend Katelyn Mariah.  We have been on a similar journey these past few years.   Different paths that have led to the same destination, self-love.   Click on the link below to read her blog and see if you can resonate as well.

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K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Soul

tumblr_me207r1Pdn1qmm3xxo1_500I once had a friend tell me that I was addicted to transformation.  That was many years ago yet that statement has never left me.  What he meant by those words is that I am so often moving on to the next issue that needs healed, processing some emotional angst or reading the next self-help book on the market that I am rarely being in the moment and integrating what I’ve already learned.

I have a stack of books on my table that I want to read yet I can’t seem to crack them open.  I am over saturated with tools and techniques that will help me heal my finances, my self-esteem, my diet, etc.  To be honest I can’t seem to absorb on more tool, one more affirmation, one more suggestion on how to change my life.

It is becoming clear to me that what my friend said is still true.  In keeping myself busy with transforming I never accept that I am already whole and complete.  I never get to fully integrate the healing that has already occurred.  I haven’t celebrated who I have become because of all the work I am still doing.

My Guidance has been gently slowing me down and encouraging me to keep things simple.  What does that mean?  Be in the now.  As I was washing my dishes this morning I noticed I was holding my breath.  When I hold my breath I am either thinking about the past or the future.  I am not living in the now.

For me, keeping it simple means to breathe and be in the present moment.  That is more than enough. . .

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What is Joy

Beautiful smiling cute baby

What is joy?  According to Webster’s dictionary joy is the emotion that is focused on well-being.  Simply stated we feel good.  Joy transcends the physical and moves us into the realm of energy.  It is in this realm that we can change our physical experience.  Let us take a moment to imagine something that taps us into the feeling of joy.  This can be a memory from your past or taking some time now to look into the eyes of your beloved, whether that be a child, a pet or a lover.  Begin by taking some deep breaths in and out.  Now call up the feeling of joy.  Where do you feel joy in your body?

Close your eyes and bring your hands to your heart space.  Focus the energy there.  Keep breathing deeply.  The breath will help to disperse the joy throughout your body.  Now move your hands an inch or two away from the body.  Do you feel a pulse, a vibration or pressure emanating from your heart space?  This is the non physical energy of joy. Our physical world is made up of energy which has manifested into form.  When we access non physical energy we can transcend the limitations of our physical world.  Whether or not you can feel the energy at this point does not change its existence.

Now remove your hands and visualize the energy from your heart space spreading out to fill the room you are in.   Sit with that for a few more breaths.  If you wish you can spread the joy out into the town you live in or even as far as the entire planet.  You can visualize this joy spreading out to your family and friends.  You can even visualize the energy of joy covering over a difficult situation or person in your life.  From this space you can change your world.

When you are ready open your eyes.  Take this joy into your day.

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