Urban Adventure – Finding Nature In The City

160-mearsUrban adventurer.  That is what someone called me today as I was walking on the rocks and in the stream in Mears Park today.

You see, I needed nature and I needed it bad!  Mears Park is a man-made park that fills a block in the city in Lower Town Saint Paul.  It’s pretty much the only nature in all down town Saint Paul.  It’s a small space but it is lovely.  There are flowers and trees and my life’s blood, which is water.

Today’s been rough.  I’m going through hormonal changes (journey into menopause) and some days I can barely function.  I woke up this morning and I just didn’t want to do anything.  Right before my period (when I do get it these days) I often have extreme PMS.  Today is one of those days.  My body bloats up to inhuman proportions, all I want to do is eat salt and chocolate, and my mind dips its toes into crazy land.

As I was sinking deeper and deeper into negativity I decided I had better move my body.  I knew I needed nature and not wanting to drive I walked to the closest place to me which is Mears Park.  I began by sitting on some rocks by the little stream that runs through the park.  Then I put my feet in the water.  Then I decided I would walk on the rocks that lined the edge of the stream.  As I came upon a tree I would run my hand up and down its bark in communion.  Trees have always been my friend.  One of my spirit names is Dashana which means One With Trees.

A gentleman observing me on this tiny sojourn was the one who called me an urban adventurer.  I wish I could say I feel completely shifted after this walk. But I do feel better and that is a much nicer place to be than the muck I was dwelling in before.

Nature is a gift.  I am grateful for its healing properties.  Even the smallest spaces of nature can bring us love and healing if we let it.  Can you find your urban adventure in a city near you?

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Nature Speaks To The Open Hearted

Cotton Wood TreeWhen I first came into my spiritual gifts more than 20 years ago I would go on these long walks at a park near my home.  One day as I took a path that didn’t see a lot of foot traffic a tree nymph jumped in my way.  I stopped in my tracks as this is not something that had ever happened to me before. She introduced herself and showed me her “tree”.  Her name was Naomi Daphne.  I didn’t see Naomi Daphne with my eyes but with my heart.

This began a connection with nature that I had never experienced before.  I have always loved nature but speaking with trees was not part of my skill set.

Many years went by and I moved away from that park.  I recently relocated back into the area and have begun to get re-acquainted with my old friends again.  This stand of cotton wood trees in the picture is another friend of mine.  The first time I walked up to them after many years apart I wept.  They had remembered me.  Their deep resonate voice filled me with such love I felt like I had come home.

Nature truly speaks to us in many ways.  Open up your heart to hear and feel the love that is all around.

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