Intuition 101: Journaling to Wisdom

journal-1-of-1Journaling is one of the ways that I can easily tap into my intuition.  Ever since I went through The Artists Way many years ago I have been using this medium to access my Inner Guidance.

In this book, the author, Julia Cameron recommends that every morning to write three long-hand pages of stream of consciousness.  Whatever is jumbled up in your head write it out.  I find that by page two or three the garbage has spewed out onto the pages and I can then ask questions to my Inner Guidance System.

This is also called automatic writing.  I ask the question and then begin writing whatever flows through me.  For instance, this morning I heard the message, “You’ve got this!”  I’ve asked questions about diet, exercise and of course men and always received a message that may not have been what I wanted to hear but always what I needed to.  Each time the information that comes through sounds like a voice other than my own.  I hear the words and put down on the page what comes through.  Sometimes I think I am making it all up but that doesn’t really matter.  The information that comes through is always spot on.

Some automatic writers seem to have the pen move across the page of their own accord.  Whether you hear a voice like I do or your pen glides across the page I invite you to experiment and give it a try.

Have you ever tried this exercise before?  If so, share your experiences with others here.

Book Recommendation:  Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.  The entire book was written through the process of automatic writing.

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Intuition 101: You Gotta Breathe!


In the beginning was the breath. The Breathe of Life breathed us into being. It is through the breath that we access our intuition. It is through the breath that we remember our connection to Source Energy.

A long deep breath cleanses the body and calms the mind. It brings us into stillness where we can listen to the voice of our Higher Wisdom.

Try it with me now. Inhale slowly and deeply. Now exhale completely. And, once again. Inhale. And, exhale. Notice how everything slows down. The anxiety leaves. The worry melts away. If you don’t feel lighter, keep breathing until you do.

Now ask a question to your Higher Self. Maybe it’s a simple question about general guidance for the day. Perhaps its as serious as “Is it in my highest good to stay in this marriage?” Now, breathe again slowly and deeply. Breathing will help you stay connected and grounded as the answer emerges.

How The Answers Come

In my experience, the answers to my questions don’t always come right away. They may show up in the early morning hours before I get out of bed. I may hear an internal voice that guides my way, or a friend will say something that resonates within me. I have even received answers while reading a book.  My most significant indicator is my body. I may sense the answer to my question, and then I will get an overall feeling of rightness in my body that solidifies the guidance I am receiving. I feel it to my bones, so to speak.

I would love to hear how Guidance speaks to you.  Leave your comments below.

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Are You Living In a Fishbowl?

Image by:  Ciro Marchetti

Are you living in a fishbowl? Often the walls we have erected around us may feel safe, but there is no room for expansion. When the walls are glass, it is even harder to recognize how limited we have become. We can see out, and others can see in so we think we are out there in the world, but love cannot touch us on either side of the glass.

Are you ready to crack the glass and swim out into the vast ocean of life? Know that it is o.k. if you are not. The first step is the willingness to see your bowl. From there the Universe steps in to help. You are never without support.
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Be The Best Human You Can Be

Photo Credit: Della McGee

This morning I was contemplating my life purpose. Wondering what it is all for and why am I here.  When I posed the question to Guidance this morning they said this.  Be the best human you can be.

Yes, but what does that mean, I asked?  We can tell you what it doesn’t mean.  You have been programmed to believe that your life purpose has to be some grand expression of self.  It doesn’t.  There was one Mother Theresa, one Louise Hay, one Buddha, one Jesus and only one You.  All of these notable people have one thing in common.  They were the best humans they could possibly be.  That intention is going to express itself differently for each and every one of you.  Sometimes it will show itself and the human will become well-known, like Wayne Dyer.  Other times that expression will be quieter and only a few will ever see.  When you think in this way your life purpose becomes clear.  We understand your longing for more meaning in your life.  That is the soul calling your best self to the surface.  Once you can get past the idea that it has to look a certain way you will find peace.

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Are Your Carrying Yourself In a Sacred Way?

Della Stones 06.09.17 (23 of 34)
Photo Credit:  Linda S. Reed

“Are you carrying yourself in a sacred way,” Grandmother spirit guide asked?

This is the question I reflect on every morning lately.  It reminds me to take a deep breath, straightened my spine and say. . . Yes.

Yes, to life.  Yes, to love.  Yes, to me.

It also reminds me to love myself in a way I am unfamiliar with.  To carry me in a sacred way means unconditional love of self.  That means to love my body.  To love my mind.  To love my spirit.  Accepting myself exactly as I am is what carrying myself in a sacred way means to me.  What does it mean to you?

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The Snake Ring – A Menopause Tale

snake ring 2To say I have struggled with symptoms of menopause over the past 2-1/2 years is an understatement.   I have even called one friend in tears and used the word suffering.  I am not a sufferer by nature so this was a big deal for me to admit how hard of a time I was having.

I had experienced peri-menopause for the past 10 years so I wasn’t surprised when the symptoms of menopause hit one cold January day with warm flushes that started slowly, an increasing warmth as it traveled up my body.  I had a sense of excitement as I was proud to begin my journey into cronehood.  I have always resonated with the image of Crone.  Not the old, dried up version but the empowered, magical Crone.  A wise woman who knows herself.

It was easy for me to be in that space as it was January and warmth in January is a good thing.  As the weeks and months wore on my symptoms increased.  I no longer felt a sense of pride in becoming a crone I just wanted the ordeal to be over.  When menopause started that January day I thought this would be a few months journey, maybe a year of symptoms and then my periods would stop and I would have ascended into my Wise Self into Crone Woman.  Nope.

I’m still struggling, crying, cursing and gnashing my teeth that my periods haven’t stopped yet.  I don’t think I would mind so much if they were on their once regular 28 day cycle.  Now my periods can be days and weeks over due.  That too would be alright but that often means that PMS will hang on until I bleed.  I have been known to beg my body to bleed so the PMS would end.

I know this seems dramatic and it is.  They don’t call it The Change for nothin’!  In the past 2-1/2 years I’ve ended a long term romantic relationship and found a new love.  I’ve moved, changed jobs, let go of friendships that were no longer working and found my voice.  I am discovering a new me by letting go of that which no longer serves who I really am.  I don’t let go easily.  There is usually kicking and screaming and often times blood is drawn along the way.

As, once again, I  await on Woman Who Bleeds to show herself the symptoms of PMS keep me company.  I am at a place in my journey that when Crazy Woman arrives I surrender to myself.  I go deep within and I ask for help.  Being closely connected to nature that help will often show up in the form of symbolism.  This time it is Snake Medicine.  In the past week I have dreamed of snakes, taken a Facebook quiz where snake showed up as my animal helper and had a vision of snakes filling my body while working with a healer.

Snake is a the perfect helper for women going through The Change.  Snakes shed their skin and we as women shed our old selves during this time in our lives.  This shedding prepares us for our wisdom days so that we can show up as leaders, healers and role models for our families, friends, and communities.  During my vision I knew I was to find a piece of jewelry to wear that was to remind me of my sacred journey.  Menopause is a sacred journey and thinking of it as such seems to ease my PMS symptoms.  The snake vision gave me a sense of peace that I was doing something of importance and a knowing that this journey isn’t in vain.

While attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival I found my ring.  I’ve been wearing my snake ring every day since I found her.  Snake helps me to stay strong when Crazy Woman is present.  I know this woman intimately.  I no longer see her as a destroyer but as a builder.  I need her help to find the strength within me to be my wise self.  She does not suffer fools, has very little patience and is not apologetic.  She fights fiercely on my behalf.  She has always been there since I became Woman Who Bleeds.  I have tried to hide her all these years.  She will no longer be pushed down under the programming of female passivity.  I welcome her as she is my teacher and my guide until I fully become Crone Woman.snake ringDella is a healer, teacher, artist and writer.  You can find out more about her here.

When In Deep Water, Become A Diver

2e84623d91ee63b02be6daafEverything we experience has a beginning, a middle, and and end, and is followed by a new beginning.  Therefore do not draw back from the passage into darkness:  When in deep water, become the diver. 

~Ralph Blum, The Book of Runes~

It is easy to retreat from darkness.  I feel It is the fear of the unknown that really frightens us.  I know this from my ability to skedaddle at a moments notice when darkness comes to call.  The real challenge in any situation is to hold still and allow the darkness to unfold around you.  We tend to think that the darkness will consume us.  That is not true.  If we could see the brightness of our own Being we would no longer be afraid of the dark.  We would never be afraid of anything again.

I ask my Guidance how do we recognize our own light?  Be still my child, you are so often running around, consumed by busyness that beingness can not be found.  Beingness, light, love are all within you.  Your fear keeps you from your knowing.  Be still.  Being still does not mean holding yourself tightly so that you can not breathe.  All things come to you on the breath.  All love, all light, everything comes to you when you breathe.

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