Infynite Gold – Organic High Frequency Skincare

slide-01-v05-1600x500I am an old school skincare girl. I have been making my own cleanser out of jojoba oil and essential oils for many years now.  I was perfectly happy with this mode of cleansing my face until I got a surprise gift in the mail from my friend Maureen.
I had no idea what she had been up to with becoming a partner in this amazing company.  She wasn’t thinking about “selling” me on the product.  She was just sending me a really nice gift cuz she loves me.

Well, hello, I tried it, and I liked it!  I liked it so much that I wanted to write about it here on my blog.  I only share things that I truly believe in.  I’ll be honest and say I was a bit skeptical at first.  Like I said I’ve been making my own cleanser for many years and didn’t think I needed or wanted a change.

In the first use, I noticed how smooth my face was.  I thought o.k. let’s see if this product youthenizes my skin as it claims.  Yes.  It.  Does!  These are some of the differences I’ve noticed in just a few short weeks of using the product.

  • significantly reduced lines around my eyes
  • significantly reduced lines on my decolletage
  • my thin eyebrows began to grow in
  • eyelashes growing in where there were NONE before
  • significantly reduced lines in my forehead
  • a tightening of my jowls
  • a tightening of the skin on my neck

The amount of improvement in my skin has shocked me in such a wonderful way.  I thought I would simply have to succumb to the process of aging.

You can get a free sample from the company here.  You can also get 25% off your first order by using code:  DELLA25